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Let's face it: medical bills can be complex. At The Blakeburn Clinic, we believe an informed patient is a happier, more satisfied patient. Here we have included some general information on bills from The Blakeburn Clinic, as well as a few frequently used terms.

Still have questions? Give us a call at (580) 323-2700, and we'll talk through your Blakeburn Clinic bill.

Pay a Bill Online

View your account information and make payments. Log in to the patient portal using the link below to safely and securely make Blakeburn Clinic bill payments online.

Pay your bill at our Blakeburn Clinic Patient Portal or we also offer Care Credit as an option for payment.

Billing Basics

The Blakeburn Clinic bills under our legal name, Robert V Blakeburn MD PC. This will be shown on your statement.

Robert V Blakeburn MD PC routinely files all necessary claims to insurance companies for reimbursement. The patient, however, is ultimately responsible for payment of the bill. It is extremely important that The Blakeburn Clinic be given all the information regarding the patient's insurance as soon as possible so that we can verify that insurance is current and determine the nature of coverage. Please be advised that there are instances when a health plan's database may not reflect current information.

Most insurance plans do not cover 100 percent of your visit. You may be expected to pay a deductible, co-insurance or co-pay (depending on your insurance) prior to your office visit.

Payment of co-insurance, co-pays and deductibles may be made with cash, check or credit card, including Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Care Credit.

BioTE labs, hormone balancing, Nutraceuticals, and CBD products require payment at time of service or purchase. These services are billed through Honor Health Services LLC. Payment for these services may be made with cash, check or credit card, including Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, and Care Credit.

Aesthetic Services require payment at time of service.

Terms Listed on Your Bill

Let's look at some terms you may find on a bill. Note that some terms and codes are specific to your insurance carrier and will not be featured here.

Statement Date: The date that the bill was created. Unless otherwise stated, The Blakeburn Clinic asks that you pay your bill upon receipt.

Account Number: A unique code that The Blakeburn Clinic uses to refer to you. Your account number will be used throughout your visits to The Blakeburn Clinic.

Description of Service: The services performed, by code. Your statement of account will include only those services rendered to you by providers at The Blakeburn Clinic.

The name of someone that has made a payment to your account (such as your insurance company or a patient payment) are shown in this section.

Primary: Your insurance provider

Secondary: Your secondary insurance provider

Responsible Party: You, the patient, or the person responsible to pay the bill (such as a parent of a minor child)

Charges: This the amount billed for each service rendered.

Credits: Payments made by you, the responsible party, your insurance company, or anyone else from whom we have received payment at The Blakeburn Clinic. Adjustments will be listed here too.

Adjustments: Billing adjustment will be based on Robert V Blakeburn MD PC's contractual agreements with the patient's particular health plan. Adjustments normally lower your payment due.

Balance: The amount left to be paid by you or the responsible party.

Mailing Payments

If you wish to mail your payment, make checks payable to Robert V Blakeburn MD PC or include your credit card information. Send this with the top part of your statement. Please do not mail cash.

Please send your payment to the following address:

Robert V Blakeburn MD PC

PO Box 122

Clinton, OK 73601-0122