The Blakeburn Clinic

Concierge Medicine

Personalized. Preventive. Proactive.

Concierge Medicine with signatureMD

Dr. Blakeburn has partnered with SignatureMD to provide a model for his practice that is called personalized medicine or concierge medicine.  The goal is to establish a strong relationship with each patient and be their partner is seeking heath, preventing disease, and early detection of current problems.  Dr. Blakeburn has practiced this style for over 7 years and has learned that his last question of each patient visit is, “Do you have any more questions?”

This practice style is for anyone who desires more time with and better access to their physician.   SignatureMD and The Blakeburn Clinic offer the following benefits of this program:

  • 30 minute appointments
  • Same or next business day appointments
  • On-time appointments
  • 24/7 physician availablility by telephone or email
  • Enhanced coordination of providers and services
  • Advanced screenings for heart disease and diabetes risk
  • More thoughtful management of hospital and specialty care

A Message from Dr. Blakeburn

Since starting my career in primary care medicine in 1990, I have had the privilege of getting to know so many wonderful people as patients and as human beings. It is an honor to be your physician and share in your quest for a healthy active life.

As you know from personal experience, our health care system is extremely complex; I fear that the new healthcare reform will increase this complexity exponentially. What does this reform mean for you the patient? It means over 50 million new patients flooding the system and not enough doctors to care for all of you. It means that you will receive “care” in 5 minute increments from anonymous providers. As the Wall Street Journal elegantly stated, it means that “The era of the family doctor who knows and cares about you will fade away.”

I refuse to “fade away” and to compromise your care and wellbeing. I pondered for many months on how I could continue to provide you with the care that you need and deserve in light of this new environment, and made a momentous decision. In 2010 I began devoting the next phase of my medical career to providing comprehensive care for a smaller group of patients, who want to achieve the best possible health through the next decades of their lives. There is good scientific documentation that preventive medicine and attention to wellness lead to longer, more active and vigorous lives. I hope to work with you to make the next segment of your life as healthy as possible.

Whether you are in your 40’s, your 80’s, somewhere in between or beyond, I want you to achieve the best possible health and lifestyle that you can.

I hope that you will join me in this proven program for assured, comprehensive health care. If you do, you will have my careful and devoted attention to your personal wellness in a less hectic and more personalized medical practice. Every year we will perform a thorough physical to establish your health baseline and medical goals for a wellness program. Periodically we will sit down and monitor your progress toward these goals. If you are not making progress, we will re-design your program of care, and I will do everything in my power to move you toward optimum health.

Together we will strive for a proactive approach to keep you healthy. I will dedicate my skills, knowledge, and 30+ years of experience in primary care and hospital medicine to your quest for optimum health and happiness. I hope you will join me in this journey.